Sunday, June 25, 2006

What a Bloomin' Bargain!

Look what I got for $15 bucks.
There's 20 plants there, even a few perennials. Impatiens, mini carnations, sweet potato vine and a bunch more I can't pronounce.

There is a small local plant store that displays plants outside the shop close to the sidewalk that often puts signs out saying "Hanging Plants $10.00" or "Plants $5.00" to lure in passerbys. Well, I have been there a few times before and got some pretty good bargains, but not like this time.

I hit the Mother Load this weekend when I saw the sign "Plants $1.00". I thought it was a gimmick just to get people to stop in, but there were many plants for just that- $1.oo! After I picked out 15 of the best plants, the owner threw in 5 more plants for FREE.

The girls at work think I was probably flipping my hair and batting my eyes, but I didn't have to. Hey, maybe he likes me but I'm not complaining.

The sad part of the story is they are still just sitting in their containers on my deck because of all the rain. Hopefully tonight after work I can get a few in the ground.


Jen said...

If I went there
he would have charged me double!!

you have a gift.

I'm jealous.


Annie said...

I don't know if I have a gift, but I sure do like receiving GIFTS. LOL