Friday, June 23, 2006

Peacan Pie

Weekly Dinner At Mom's
Dinner at Mom's is always a treat. The dinner is always good, (this week she had Baked Shrimp, Cheezy Broccoli and Cauliflower and Baked Sweet Potatoes), but the dessert is the star of the show. As I've mentioned before, there are always at least 3 desserts to choose from. This kills me because if you were'nt planning on having dessert, it's three times as hard to resist.

The choices were: Strawberry Jello with Fruit, Brownies and Peacan Pie. I chose the latter. Is there any question, really? My mom always makes her own pie crust, but in this instance time was an issue, so she used a refrigerated dough. This was the only so-so part of the pie. It tasted a little oily. The pie itself was absolutely delicious. She used the recipe on the back of Karo Light Corn Syrup bottle. The only thing she did differently, which I would suggest you try, is reduce the granulated sugar by half. The pie was still very very sweet, so I can't imagine more sugar improving it.
I took 2 small pieces with me so I could let my friend Jen from work try a piece (she loves Peacan Pie too), but I forgot it in my fridge at home. What a shame. Of course, I told her what she was missing and she was very sad. She suggested that it would still be good on Monday, but somehow I don't know if it will last that long in MY fridge. If you know what I mean!


Jen said...

I got a piece

And it was fantastic!! - thank you annie's mom
you make a quality pie.

5 stars & two thumbs up

LK said...

My husband uses the Karo syrup recipe also.I agree, it makes DELICIOUS pie!