Friday, June 16, 2006

The Lobsters are Rejoicing!

Whole Foods, the nations largest organic food retailer, will not sell live lobsters or soft shell crabs anymore. They are not satisfied that the standards of catching or selling the lobsters are humane.

Do you agree or disagree with Whole Foods decision?
I Agree, because it is cruel to catch, sell and eat lobsters.
I Agree, because I don't like lobster anyway.
I Disagree, because I don't think it is cruel to catch, sell or eat lobsters.
I Disagree, because I enjoy eating lobster and I don't care about the cruelty issue.
I'm not sure.
I've never heard of Whole Foods.
I've never heard of Lobster.
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EJL said...

yay for whole foods. I can't cook a lobster, something about the screaming when they hit the water...oh ..umm...bothers me...just a little.

I once saw this tales from the crypt when the guy made a device that heard trees scream when you broke a branch or pulled a leaf. Made me think of the poor little lobster.

I know it is just air escaping, but ya gotta think...doesn't it hurt?

okay,,,think I said too much now!
thanks for the visit!

Annie said...

When I was little my Dad would cook lobster quite often. My sister and I objected since we had already named them and wanted to keep them as pets.
Needless to say he won.
I guess I got used to it after a while and never thought about the cruelty. It's interesting to hear about the screaming. I don't think I had ever noticed it.

Anonymous said...

I love lobster,I ate at home when my husband did the cooking(lobster)and I never heard them scream.I dont cook them anymore but now and then I will eat robster roll and I do not feel guilty.Bambola

Joey Lawler said...

I don't think we have a Whole Foods, but we have a similar chain of stores called Earthfare. I can't recall if they carry live lobsters or not, but it's really a joy just to go into the place. As for the lobsters, I seem to recall that their central nervous systems don't actually process "pain", but rather a respose to danger. I don't care though - perception is reality, right?? And my perception is that I'd never subject a living lobster to a pot of boiling water.

Jen said...

I'm with ya Joey!