Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tapioka Pudding with Fresh Grapes

Simply Refreshing!
The basic recipe is right on the box of instant Tapioka.
I used Simply Smart Fat Free Milk, reduced the sugar to 1/4 cup and added fresh grapes once it cooled a bit and it turned out great.

I always seem to make this recipe in the summer, probably because it is so light and refreshing.

Share one of your favorite summer recipes.


The Cookbook Junkie said...

I don't really have any! I do always make tiramisu for our big family cookout. I like creamy desserts in the summertime. I used to like to make ice cream but I don't think I got around to making it at all last year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Annie adding the grapes makes the pudding outstandingly deliciously.Bambola

Unknown said...

I love making fritattas. When I make another, the last one I made I forgot to take a picture of, I'll post a recipe.

Annie said...

Fritatta's are one of my favorite things to make when I don't know what to eat. They are so versitile and you can throw just about anything in the fridge into them!
I'm looking forward to your recipe.