Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Butterscotch Pudding

How simple is this? Butterscoth pudding in a box, add milk, cook and pour over sliced banana. Add some toasted almond slices and you've got a pretty damn good dessert. Perfect for a light snack too.
Actually, because I use Simply Smart Fat Free milk, it's great for dieters too. This milk works great because of the way it's processed, it's thicker than skim milk so the pudding is thick and creamy.
The nuts are just the perfect topping on this flavor pudding. Plus, I feel more satified with something crunchy on top of my pudding. Maybe it's just me, but somehow I will not eat as much if it's topped with a crunch.

Speaking of not eating as much...
To control the portion size of the pudding and to make it more portable, I let the pudding cool a bit, then put it in these cute little fruit containers I had saved. You know the ones, there's apple sauce in them, mixed fruit, etc. Then I cover them with Glad press n seal and I can take them to work. YUM!
I don't normally like using boxed mixes that contain a lot of preservatives and hydroginated oil, but once in a while it's just too easy and good to pass up.
Do you make pudding from scratch or use the box mix?


Joe said...

It depends, but it is so quick to make them from the box!

Jen said...

I like pudding.

That's a good idea about re-using the containers.

I'm proud of you for reycling

Annie said...

Yes Jen, I try to do my share of saving the world too! :)

Unknown said...

Box, box, box! I even use the sugar free kind. To me, it doesn't taste that much different, maybe a little thinner.

Crystal said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! I usually use boxed puddings, but make a really good tofu chocolate mousse thing. No one can tell it's tofu!


Annie said...

I've seen those tofu pudding mixes and have wanted to try them, but I guess I was'nt sure if I would like it. I should give it a chance.
Thanks for stopping by. Come back real soon!