Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weeknight Whip-up!

Quick, Easy, Healthy and Cheap Stuffed Peppers

I think we all appreciate recipes that are quick and easy for weeknight dinners. I do. But I also like to make dinners that are healthy, nutritious and inexpensive as well. I made these Stuffed Peppers in about 20 minutes and I used items that are usually in everyone's kitchen.

Stuffed Peppers
Makes 4 Medium Peppers

4 Medium Peppers (I used Green Peppers, but you can use whatever color you like or even tomatoes*)
2 T Olive Oil, plus more for drizzling
1 Shallot (You can substitute 1 small onion if you prefer)
2 Cloves of Garlic (I used 1 tsp. of the pre-chopped)
1/4 lb. Ground Turkey (I used breast which is 99% fat free, but you can the dark meat if you prefer)
1 package of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (I used brown rice because it is more nutritious than white)
1/4 cup Chopped Fresh Parsley (You can substitute dried, just use alot less)
1 T Chopped Fresh Basil (You can substitute dried, just use alot less)
1 T Garlic Powder
2 T Pesto (If you don't have pesto on hand, you can just add more Basil )
1 8 oz. can of Tomato Sauce, Divided (I used Hunt's Roasted Garlic)
Pinch of Cheyanne Pepper
1/3 cup Parmesan Cheese
Salt & Pepper

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Rinse peppers, cut of tops and remove seeds and ribs. Fill a baking dish with a little water, place peppers inside, cover and microwave on high for about 7 minutes or until peppers are tender but still holding their shape.

Dry out baking dish and peppers. Add a small amount of tomato sauce to the bottom of the baking dish, place peppers ontop and set aside.

Cook the rice package according to directions, but for only 75 seconds. Set aside.

In a medium skillet, add 2 T oil and saute the shallot and garlic until fragrant. Add the ground turkey and break it up into small pieces while it cooks. Add in the parsley, basil, salt, pepper, cheyanne, garlic powder, pesto and mix well.

Mix in the rice. Add in the tomato sauce, reserving a small amount in the can and mix until well blended. Mix in the cheese.

Stuff the peppers with the mixture and top with the remaining sauce. Bake for about 10-12 minutes or until the sauce is bubbling. Drizzle the top of the peppers with olive oil and serve immediately.

*For Stuffed Tomato ...Just cut off the top, core and hollow out most of the pulp and seeds, leaving enough to keep the tomato firm. There is no need to pre-cook the tomato, just add in the turkey mixture and bake!

What is your favorite quick and easy weeknight dinner?


Unknown said...

LOVE STUFFED PEPPERS! My brother actually requested these for one of his meals while he is at home this weekend. I have several easy and quick meals...baked fish, omlette, frittata, oatmeal.

wheresmymind said...

Stuffed peppers are really great eats during the week

Jen said...

I actually liked it!
can you imagine that!

You should be
my personal chef

But I can't afford to pay you...

Think of it as charity
How 'bout it

Deborah Eley De Bono said...

I have no idea why, but when I was growning up in Indiana these were called stuffed mangos. When we moved to California they became peppers. Love them either way.

Lately my quick and easy, cooking green beans, onions, potatoes and carrots in foil on the bbq. Lots of olive oil and spices. Makes for tasty veggies.

Sara said...

Those stuffed peppers look very good.
Our fast dinners usually involve pasta or salad. Boring!

funwithyourfood said...

I liked stuffed veggies too
but i like to not roast them and eat them raw. the change in texture is great