Sunday, September 24, 2006

Product Review...the good, the bad and the ugly!

They're GOOD!

I had never even heard of Caribou Coffee before, but I was cutting coupons one day and came across one for these. They sounded good to me; "RICH, CHEWY GRANOLA BARS DIPPED IN A CREAMY COATING MADE WITH CARIBOU COFFEE"- I WAS SOLD!

I love granola bars. I often eat them for a snack or dessert. Some of my favorites are: Nature Valley Fruit & Nut, Sweet & Salty Nut(Peanut) and the Peanut Butter and Oats'N Honey Crunchy Bars. Now that I have tried the Caribou Coffee bars they will definately be in the mix.

If you like chewy granola bars and you like coffee, you'll love these babies! Geez, I sound like one of those 'knock off' perfume commercials. But seriously, try them, I give 'em 2 thumbs up!!

How often do you eat granola bars?


Jen said...

How often do you eat granola bars?

Sweet & Salty Nut(Peanut)

Me like

barb said...

I too love energy bars - have not tried the ones you have mentioned I guess I should.

But my two thumbs up goes to Clif Bars!!! Does not taste like you are eating a tree and weeds.

Joe said...

The chocolate mocha are better than the vanilla latte (to us anyway)

Caribou coffee is big in MN (go figure...)

Annie said...

Jen, Yes I know. The fruit&nut too. I just ate the sweet&salty peanut. YUM!!

Doodles, I like the Clif too. They are very high in calories though. I did'nt even realize it until my friend Jen told me that alot of people eat them while mountain biking because they need the energy. The Luna bars are just as good and are a lot lower in calories. The lemon one is really good!

Joe, OK now I have to try the mocha. I only saw the vanilla latte in the store where I bought them.I guess they will be carrying them soon though.

Jen said...

I went shopping tonight
and I bought both kinds
I'll be sure to lt you know if I hate them

Anonymous said...

I eat granola bars almost every day. I usually get the Quaker Chewy variety. Sometimes I get adventurous and make my own... sometimes.

These sound good.. I'll try them!