Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pasta Frittata

This is a great dish to use up leftovers. If you have any kind of leftover pasta, veggies, even potatoes, you can whip up a quick and easy weeknight dinner in a snap.

Everyweek I make roasted veggies and I always have extra, so I am constantly trying to think of ways to use them in new dishes.

The first dish I made with these veggies was a pasta dish using bow ties... My Pasta Primavera (look 3 posts down for photo and complete recipe)

I just sauted a little shallot and garlic in some extra virgin olive oil and mixed in the leftover veggies. Then I added a little extra Italian seasoning, fresh parsley and grated parmigiano cheese. I cooked the bow ties and added them to the veggie mixture with a little pasta water. Simple and satisfying.

Now I had leftover Pasta Primavera.

So I decided to create yet another new dish. My Pasta Frittata. It's this easy.

I beat up 6 eggs, added a little milk, salt and pepper. Then I put my leftover pasta and veggies in a large oven safe saute pan with some olive oil added the eggs along with some cubed chedder cheese and mixed it until loosely set on the top and lighty browned on the bottom. Then I put it under the broiler for a few minutes until set on top. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and I had another new meal from 2 nights of leftovers!

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