Friday, May 05, 2006

Green Bean Almondine!

This is my favorite vegetable side dish.

Nothing could be finer and it's so simple to prepare. Cook the beans to your desired tenderness and add a bit of light tasting oil (I use Canola), toasted almond slices or slivers, and the secret ingredient, a 1/4 teaspoon of pure almond extract.

What's your favorite? Leave me a comment...


Jen said...

That's My Favorite Too!!!

oh, and french fries =)

The Couch Potato said...

Neasa told me about your blog & the link is now on mine as well. It's listed as 'Food - the other contact sport'. Wonderful reading & pics, especially now that I know to have a dish towel handy for the drooling!

My favorite side dish (non carbohydrate!) is asparagus, steamed or grilled. A little butter, lemon juice, salt & pepper & it's good to go. Hollandaise is nice but not something I generally have the time to make.

Neasa said...

Y'know, I don't think I've ever had Green Beans Almondine - the almond extract isn't sweet, is it? If not, I might have to give this a try.

Like Big G (AKA CouchPotato), I'd have to say asparagus is my fav, but I just like it steamed & plain, maybe a dash of black pepper.

I like to saute Italian green beans in a good olive oil with garlic & some roasted red pepper.

Annie said...

Thanks for the links. I've linked you right back.

I like asparagus too. They're also great roasted in some olive oil, wrapped Procuitto and topped with bread crumbs.

Almond extract is not sweet but it is very strong so a few drops will go a long way. I love it. I use it in my almond cookies and biscotti.

I heard of using Amaretto (an almond flavored liquor) with the green beans as well but you would have to saute the beans, add the Amaretto and cook off the alcohol. Flambé if you're brave.

The italian green beans sounds good.

Which brings up a great question I've been wondering about. What are italian green beans? I don't think I've ever had them. Someone told me that they are flat in shape but not sugar snap peas. I can't find them in the grocery store, I have even asked the clerks-they don't know either.

Neasa said...

Annie, Italian green beans, to me, look identical to sugar snaps except they're a bit more flat, but not as flat as snow pea pods. The flavor is also a bit more savory. There's very little string, too, which is always a good thing.

Annie said...

Thanks for the info. I'll try to find them again.