Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cookies...Ooohh I Did It Again!!

Prunes and Dates and Apricots...Oh My!

I went crazy with my earlier blogged prune recipe. This time instead of making all prune cookies, I also made date and apricot cookies.

Since the dough is formed into 3 separate logs, I figured why not?

I had a can of Solo brand date filling which I used in one batch.

I made my own prune filling this time by pureeing a box of prunes with a little water, corn syrup, sugar, and lemon zest.

I did the same with a box of dried apricots and I added a layer of raspsberry jam on the top of the apricot filling just for fun.
They were scrumptious.
I have always loved the flavor of these three dried fruits and I even like figs too!
People joke with me all the time, saying only old people eat that stuff. Well I'm not old but I am wise. Because hey, these things are all good for you. Give them a chance, you might just be surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Prunes at one time I did not eat,but your version are sure number 1 to me,thank you Annie.Bambola