Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Update On The Ugly But Tasty Cookie*

*See the Post below.
I may not be the best photographer but believe me the cookies are worth trying. I also forgot to mention that I altered the recipe a bit to make it lower in cholesterol and fat... I used 1 cup of Smart Balance in place of the butter. If your a purest when it comes to cookies by all means use the butter. But my tasters and I can attest the Smart Balance really works in this recipe.


Anonymous said...

I must say that I do love smart Balance and even own stock in the company. I've heard about Earth Balance and want to taste that too. But I made roll-out sugar cookies with Smart Balance today for the first time and they became too puffy. Perhaps I just need to account for that and leave out the baking soda?

Anonymous said...

I really never use smart balance but I've tasted the cookies they are really crispy and very good i was surprise,bambola.

Annie said...

I'm not sure why your sugar cookies became too puffy. But I guess leaving out the baking soda is worth a try. Let me know what happens.
I do know that if you are making butter cookies where the flavor is truly dependent on the butter, there is not substitute. I have found that out. The Smart Balance is good but lets face it, "Butter is Better"!