Monday, April 17, 2006

Italian Prune Cookies

These cookies rule. I have wanted make them for so long, but I didn't have a recipe. I finally made them for Easter. Although it was not an easy recipe to find.

Every time I did a search, Jewish Hamatachen would come up. I finally found one on all The recipe comes up as Prune and Raisin Filled Cookies. Here is the link I altered it by using canned prune puree in place of the raisin prune filling in the recipe,which made it a little easier.

I cut the recipe in half and I'm glad I did because it made three large loaves even with just the half recipe. These cookies are definitely a labor of love. The dough is a little difficult to work with. So if you love prune cookies make them, if not, go to your local Italian bakery. That's if they even make them. They are hard to find. Specialty Italian cookie stores are your best bet.

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Anonymous said...

bambola,these cookies are so good.Thank you for sharing.