Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PRACTICE SAFE LUNCH. Use A Condiment...Sparingly!

It's great to give your food a little more "umpth", but be careful with those condiments. You could be adding too much sodium, extra fat and actually taking away from the great flavor of the food you're eating.

Do you remember that cartoon "Don't Drown Your Food" that Louis sang on Saturday mornings who taught us about nutrition? Go Here and click Don't Drown Your Food on the page


Jen said...

I like ketchup
I like mustard too
I like sodium
Mmmmm sodium

Neasa said...

I can leave the sodium alone, but I think I have an unnatural dependance on hot red pepper flakes. I buy them in bulk at Wild Oats & put them on most everything. No sprinkling, either - spooning. I understand this is not the best practice for a pitta dosha, but I can't seem to stop.