Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ja'eat Yet?

Try a Frittata!

No, it's not a flying saucer or a moldy pizza. It is an open faced omelet. It is made with eggs, veggies and cheese or whatever you like that is left over in the fridge. It is a great quick dinner when you don't feel like cooking.

Start by sauting your veggies in a oven proof non-stick frying pan in some olive oil and butter, scrabble the eggs (about 2 per person), add them to the pan with the veggies. Add salt, pepper, whatever spices you like ( I use garlic powder and italian seasoning), and either shredded cheese or grated romano or parmigiano.

Pre-heat your boiler. Once the bottom is set place it under the broiler for about 2 minutes. That's it. Eat it with some nice crusty bread and call it a night.

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Kevin said...

I'll be cooking that tonight. It looks really good.