Friday, July 07, 2006

Stuffed Mushrooms

I didn't intend on making stuffed mushrooms when I bought the package of white mushrooms in the market.
And I usually wouldn't make stuffed mushrooms in the summer. Actually, I usually only make them for special occasions, but I guess I went a little crazy and stuffed away!

Why not, who needs a holiday or event to enjoy something you love?

The recipe is by Giada DE Laurantiis who hosts Everyday Italian. No she's not related to me ( I mention her quite often), I just happen to like many of her recipes.

It is a very simple recipe and uses ingredients that are always on hand.
The only thing I did different is added some chopped mushroom stems to the stuffing. I figured why waste them. Ok two things, I omitted the mint. I don't usually have that on hand.

Do you have a recipe that you reserve for holidays or special occasions?


Heather said...

Tollhouse Chocolate Chip pie. It is my thanksgiving contribution.

Annie said...

Yummmmmm. Want to come to my house next Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie - I'm making your stuffed portabellos tonight - hope they're good!

Annie said...

I hope so too. Oh, the pressure! Good luck- Let me know how they turned out.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I only make tiramisu once a year, for our annual cookout. I don't want to get sick of it (and marscapone cheese is expensive!)

There are pies I only make for Thanksgiving and cookies I only make at Christmas, too.

Annie said...

Paula, I reserve Tiramisu for special occasions too. Partly because of the expense and partly because it is sooooo fattening! I love it though.