Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

Frozen Chocolate Banana Pops

One day last week I was thinking about a treat my Dad used to make for my sister and I when we were kids. Frozen chocolate covered bananas. I don't know why it came to mind, but I decided to try making them. I seems like a fairly simple thing to make, but I wasn't exactly sure if I should freeze the bananas first or not. So I did a search on google and found this recipe. I did'nt follow it exactly but it used it as a starting point.


  • 6 ripe bananas
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • My addition: Toppings (shredded coconut and/or sliced toasted almonds )


Peel bananas; cut in half crosswise. Insert a wooden stick into flat end of each banana half. (I used skewers that I cut in half.) Lay bananas on a shallow pan or baking sheet; freeze for about 3 hours, until very firm. Melt chocolate chips over hot water. With a spatula, quickly spread melted chocolate over each banana, coating well. Chocolate will become firm right away. Quickly dip the banana into the topping of your choice. Wrap each banana in foil; store in freezer.

In trying to save time and clean-up, I decided to melt my chocolate chips in a shallow wide bowl in the microwave. Big mistake! The chips melted fine but I started to wonder if the chocolate would seize up if I were to dip the frozen bananas directly in. So I got a spatula and tried my best to cover the bananas with the chocolate that way. What a pain. And a mess. The chocolate froze almost instantly and I hardly had time to dip them into my toppings. I got the two in the photo to look good, the rest are a mess, but completely eatible.

Lesson learned: Sometimes following a recipe will ultimately saves you time and aggrevation.

Have you ever screwed up something you were making by not following the recipe?


LookinginmyRearviewMirror said...

Gosh Annie!

You inspire me! So many dishes...where do you find the time????

I love Chicken Marsala. (A few posts ago.) I get that a lot when Bert and I go out on our Friday night dates.

Happy Cooking!



Unknown said...

I enjoy frozen bananas as a quick snack during the summer before a workout. Yum!

Let me see...have I ever messed something up by not following a recipe? Yeah! One funny story, my friend and I (in high school) made chicken spaghetti for a friend in high school. We put the noodles in the water (COLD water, mind you). Half-way into cooking, we realized that we weren't supposed to put the noodles in until after it started boiling. We only had one unusable clump of noodles, but learned from our mistake! We laughed and still laugh about that one!

Annie said...

Hey Lou, I don't know where I find the time. I just keep on going like the energizer bunny =) I'm happy to inspire you. You should try the Marsala recipe it is actually quick and easy.

Claire, That's funny. It reminded me of my sister trying to make a cake when she was little. She used salt instead of flour or did'nt add the flour at all, I forgot which, but the result was the same - pretty funny.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I mess things up all of the time, usually because I didn't read the recipe very carefully.

barb said...

Yep been there, done that, wrote the book on messed up meals, recipes, disasters. Waaaay too many to mention on your blog. We should all do a blog on BIG mistakes....could be a funny reality TV show.

Annie said...

Paula and Doodles,
Thanks I don't feel so bad anymore!
We should do a BIG mistakes blog- now that would be funny =)

Anonymous said...

I have definitely messed up a recipe by misreading the amounts! I was fudge (the kind on the back of a jar of marshmallow creme and messed up the amount of butter that one is supposed to use. The fudge came out waaaaaay too mushy, but man did it TASTE good!

Annie said...

Bryanne, Yeah sometimes the taste makes up for the booboo.

Jen said...

I don't like cold bananas that much.

I like brownies