Monday, July 17, 2006

I've Been Tagged...And You Could Be Next!

Mooncrazy from Peanut Butter Etouffee has tagged me... "the 5 things meme"...
so here it is:

Five things in my freezer
Italian green beans, chicken breasts, Breyers no sugar added vanilla ice cream, chicken broth ice cubes, and multi-grain low-fat Eggo's.

Five things in my closet
Way too many clothes, way too many shoes, old handbags that I'll never use again, Christmas decorations, and the old box from my cell phone.

Five things in my car
An insulated coffee mug filled with water, an unending supply of dental floss, bushels of napkins from various lunch spots, Purell hand sanitizer(I never leave home without it), and a Shell gas credit card.

Five things in my purse
Cell phone, massive quantities of receipts, the office pool Powerball slip in a handy carrying sleeve, a handful of pens, and several varieties of gum.

Five people I'd like to tag: "Only if you want to!"

Jen from Casual Slack
Paula from Cookbook Junkie
Claire from Cooking Is Medicine
Crystal & Ryan from Cyan Cafe
Lexi from Winters at the Beach


Deborah Eley De Bono said...

Just a comment on the freezer, chicken broth ice cubes? Now that sounds organized.

And you were tagged by all three woman at PBE, Doodles, Maltese Parakeet and myself. Glad you're such a good sport about it. Quick work getting this done!

Unknown said...

Sure! Never thought I'd get tagged. I'll post the response tomorrow!

Annie said...

To all the gals at PBE, I felt honored that you would want to know what was in my freezer. Hahahaha!
Yes, I can be organized sometimes and the chicken broth ice cubes are actually something I use all the time. I think I am going to start doing the same thing with fresh lemon juice. Those lemons are getting expensive at .79 cents each. When the are on sale (sometimes 3/$1) I'm going to squeeze and freeze!

Claire, I'm glad you decided to play along. I'm sure your meme will not let us down.=)

barb said...

good job annie....thanks for participating.
Freezer items.I used to do lemon & lime juice but I stopped for some reason....thanks for the reminder I'll start back up again.

Cate said...

Anne - a permalink is the link to a specific post. If you click on the time in the bottom of your posts, it will bring you to a page with JUST that post on it == and that's your permalink. Have fun!