Thursday, March 16, 2006

These Babies are Trend Setters!

These beautiful sneakers were a christmas gift from my friends Jen and JOJO. They decided to chip in and set out to Walmart one snowy day to purchase these gems. I think it put them out a whole $10.00 The velcro fasteners are a must for the woman on the go...Me.

The detailing is classic to these 80 style fashion icons. When I opened the package and unveiled the goody two shoes, JoJo and especially Jen were rolling on the floor in hysteria. They want me to wear them when we are on deadlines along with my dress clothes. If you know me, you couldn't imagine me with these on. I guess that's why it's so funny to them.

The idea came about because at the end of a long hard day, "my dogs are a barking". In other words, my feet are killing me. OK I know what you're thinking... She must wear those pizza slice shoes with 5 inch heels where all your toes are crammed together into a triangle. NO. I wear very moderate shoes, yes there is a heal but certainly not stiletto's. I just walk a lot and it takes a toll.

So anyway, yesterday was one of those dog barking days. By the end of the day I was practically limping. So Jen instantly suggests wearing the "vellies". So I did. Actually I left them on and went to my Mom's house for dinner. Well mom was having some work done in the house from a guy I hired for her. When I got there I forgot all about the vellies on my feet and also changed into one of my moms old shirts. I looked hot!

Well apparently this guy thought so, because when he finished his work, he asked to talk to me alone and asked me on a date. WoW. W00000000000000000W. I was stunned. Of course I refused and informed him I had a boyfriend. But that's not the point. He thought I looked hot. So listen up ladies. If you're trying to find a date, slip on a pair of these trend setters and knock em dead.


Anonymous said...

wow trendy white and easy to take on and off.Perfect for those quick get aways

Jen said...

Now that's a nice looking shoe.

blogger said...

they are really nice shoes..

Anonymous said...

I wont get caught dead with the snikers even if my feet are tired and most of all if I was dressed up I think I'm still hot bambola.

Anonymous said...

Sometime looking slappy will give a man the wrong idea.bambola

Joe said...

Love uncle gave me a pair of black velcro shoes...size 13. My fav pair of shoes now for the weekend...and just about any other day for that matter. I believe in ease for the mundane issues of life...and shoes fit that category!