Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey Joey You Forgot Your LunchBox...Oh Wait It's Your Car.

This is the wave of the future. The Smart Car.
Actually this is the smart fortwo coupe pure. If you want to keep it pure.
This is the smart fortwo coupe pulse. If you're feeling sporty.
This is the smart fortwo coupe passion. If you want more luxury in your life.
This is the smart fortwo coupe BRABUS. If you like to stand out.
There are also "forfour"options available. Yeah maybe if you're an elf.
OK I'm all about saving energy, keeping the environment clean and all that good stuff, but I never thought that I'd be driving a postage stamp. It's cute but I just don't know. I heard it's actually 4 feet shorter than the mini cooper.

Oh yeah there is one more...
The onfoot coupe renaissance. If you're felling a little retro. Come on Edna take your shoes off wer'e going for a ride!


Anonymous said...

I've seen Smart Cars around where I live. It looks like the driver is sitting in the backseat. They are indeed tiny.

arden said...

they are so cute! ecologically helpful but is it practical?

see my blog!


Scott said...

If you want a more sporty approach check out the Smart Roadster. Same principles but far more fun. I have one of these and they are great fun.