Monday, March 20, 2006

Damsel in Distress or Neighborhood Watch Gone Wrong?

It's around noon on Friday and I'm driving down a local street and I'm in a bit of a hurry, so ok I'm speeding. All of a sudden out of the clear blue sky a woman standing on the sidewalk starts furiously flagging me down. She was standing with two other guys. One guy was on the phone and the other was just standing there with her. My first thought was this lady is in trouble and must need my help.
In a flash, she's running out in front of my car and I jam on the brakes. She is now standing in front of my vehicle with her arms flailing. So I'm thinking ok what do you want? She starts screaming "THIS IS A ONE WAY STREET"!...WHAT? I've driven down this street many times through the years.
So I roll down the window and gesture for her to come over. She firmly places here hands on her hips and wails "I'M NOT MOVING!... TURN AROUND!" So I gesture again for her to come over and assure her I just want to know when they changed the street to a one-way. She comes over and tells me with much antipathy that it's been around six months. And then informs me that I was also driving way too fast.
Ok lady, who put you in charge of traffic duty. Are you going to issue me a citizens ticket and arrest me. Give it a brake. Ok so maybe she may have saved my life or that of someone else. I don't care. She was crazy; standing in front of my car like she was he-women. God forbid I was in a bad mood that day...She may have been flattened.


Joe said...

Some story!

Where do you get your graphic images...very cool?

I like the lemons :)

Email me info if you would at:

Annie said...

I take alot of the photos myself, but the clip art and lemons were thanks to google .