Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yes I'm Still Alive!

In case you all thought I got lost this holiday, I've been around but my computer died the day after Christmas. Oh joy. I had just been commenting on how I should start thinking about looking for a new computer and BAM it kicked the bucket. Everything is gone. And, no of course I didn't back anything up. I know, I know, not smart, but does anyone really back everything up?
Well, it gave me reason to buy the computer I really wanted to begin with. A MacBook. No more viruses. No more worries. I love Macs. I use one at work and have never had any trouble with it.
So let the blogging continue....

Just Curious...Do you use a mac or pc?


Dianne's Dishes said...

I have an HP laptop, but I'm hoping my next laptop will be in the Mac family as well! :)

Blair said...

just made the switch myself, to mac that is... still use both (though mainly the mac @ home).

Emily said...


I use a P.C.

Heather said...

Nice laptop, I have a PC

Jen said...

I for one..
use a macintosh

just sayin'