Monday, January 14, 2008

It Snowed Today!

Snow is so pretty...

It just makes everything look clean and new. It was a wet, heavy snow which made it even more picturesque. The trees were drooping down low because it was so dense. And as you can see the streets were cleared fairly quickly which made me even happier!

How was your weather??


Emily said... pretty.

Our weather was fine. Cold.

I can't wait for warm weather again!

Teri said...

Anne, I actually like your picture better. ssshhhhhh, don't tell Jen.

Annie said...

Emiline, Me either! We had a taste of it just a few days ago. It hit nearly 70 one day. How crazy is that?

Teri, Thanks, it will be our secret.

Julie Livermore said...

Beautiful, we rarely have snow in Arizona, so it is nice to be reminded.