Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Perfect Quick Dinner for One!

This sandwich rocked.

I love bagels, but who doesn't right? This bagel was a low-carb version which I usually don't care for because the texture tastes more like bread then a bagel. But this one was really good, It was sunflower seed and I got it at a local coffee shop.

And I made the perfect scrambled eggs of all times. I used one whole egg and one egg white, cooked slowly over low heat with smart balance spread, salt, pepper, and a little milk. I took them off the heat just before they looked fully cooked.

"They say" this is the way to get perfectly cooked eggs since they will continue to cook off the heat and will be overdone if you take them off once they are already fully cooked.
I guess it's true because they were perfect!

I placed them over 2 slices of heated Canadian bacon and topped it with 2 slices of American cheese. (OK you know me too well- It was Alpine Lace reduced fat, reduced sodium American cheese). But it was still really good. : )


Emily said...

Oh, I love bagels. I used to get one at Panera every week.
Apparently, they're really bad for you. Bah! I don't believe it. ;)

I like Canadian bacon, too.

Maybe next time you could do this panini style. No, wait, probably not. Eggs on panini?

Annie said...

I love Panera bagels too! I think they are only bad if you eat them daily along with a lot of other carbohydrates. Hey you gotta live.

Sara said...

Yum! The deli in my old office building made these in the morning. We'd get hot sauce on ours.

Kevin Kossowan said...

I love eggs. I love sandwiches [only good ones]. So this looks awesome. Like the egg technique too - they ARE right, aren't they.