Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mom's Fish Dinner!

Baked Fish with Fennel, Onions and Potatoes
Not very photogenic, but the flavor shines through!

I don't really have an exact recipe to share with you because my mom just kind of throws this dish together. She saw it being made on a cooking show years ago and just makes it by memory- no exact measurements or ingredients for that matter. In fact, I'm not sure what kind of fish she used this time, but has used cod, scrod and haddack. I guess any white, fairly thick fish would do.

The first time she made this dish I was kind of leery. I couldn't imagine fennel and onions with fish and potatoes. But let me assure you, this is one of the tastiest fish dishes I have ever had. The onion and fennel flavors meld perfectly with the fish and potatoes.

I'll tell you as much as I know about the recipe.

The onion and fennel are sliced and sauteed in olive oil to start. The potatoes are partially cooked, sliced and added to the onion mixture.

The mixture is then added to a baking dish and the fish is placed on top and covered with lemon juice, breadcrumbs and I believe, melted butter. Then she tops it with a few lemon slices. It is baked in the oven (I'm not sure what temperature, maybe 350 degrees) for probably about 20 minutes.

How often do you use fennel?


wheresmymind said...

I think your white balance might be off on your camera...lots of pix are looking red :Z Just trying to be helpful, not a jerk

The Cookbook Junkie said...

The only time I used fennel was with fish, actually. I couldn't eat it. It didn't work with the tilapia I tried to substitute for the cod but the fennel part of it was excellent.

M.L. Zafron said...

My family eats it raw at Christmas as Crudité. It's also excellent roasted. Ina Garten has a recipe for a potato fennel gratin that is amazing. Let's see what else, there's a Sicilian classic dish called Pasta con Sarde. Lots of great uses.

Anonymous said...

I made the fish,fennel with onion and potatoes by memories.You start with sliced onion,sliced fennel in olive oil leave a few minutes on top a putsliced potatoes cover with bread crumb & olive oli put in the oven at350 cooking 30 minutestake out and put the fish on top (not tilapia) also a little dillbread crumb and oil back in the oven for another 25/30 min.You can put lemon slices on top .bambola

Joey Lawler said...

I'm not even sure what it is, but I've noticed it's popping up in more and more stuff.

Anonymous said...

This recipe is actually from Rachael Ray

Annie said...

Anonymous, Thanks for letting me know. I will have to try looking it up to get the exact measurements and such!!